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Cris Commission

Cris Web


Commission for linnaeus  linnaeus. Cris getting dressed in a sexy, sheer, schoolgirl type outfit. Stuff like this is always fun to work on.

Lucinda Commission

Lucinda Finished Web

Thigh up, soft shaded commission for Ludwig_Bullworth_Jackson  Ludwig_Bullworth_Jackson of his Bovine, Lucinda. Had a lot of fun making her nice and squishy! XD

Lady Onikumo Commission

Lady Onikumo Web


Full body, soft shaded commission for :icononikumomaru: of his drop dead gorgeous, voluptuous OC, Lady Onikumo oiling herself up on the beach. I don’t often get to draw such thick characters, but I had so much fun making her nice and curvy and squishy. These also have to be the biggest bewbs I have drawn to date. XD

Makayla Commission

Makayla Web

This is a full body, cel shaded commission for SachaVayle  SachaVayle who has been a long time supporter of my work. I was asked to help draw the first ever piece of artwork for her RP character, Makayla, who’s looks were originally based on my own OC, Emerald.

I had a blast getting to work on this, as any of you who were watched me stream this would know. XD

End of Line Club

The real reason Flynn never left The Grid. XD

Tron Strippers Censor

New Emerald Header!

I decided it was about time to update my header, with a new picture of Emerald laying across the top of the page. A larger sized version of the image can be found in the digital media gallery. Enjoy!

Emerald Header Finished

Wicked Lady

New art added to the digital media gallery!



Morrigan Aensland

New art added to the digital media gallery!


Morrigan Web

Samus Aran

New art added to the digital media gallery!



Jenny Poussin

New art added to the Digital Media gallery!